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A Brief Intro By Jan Michael‚ Creative Director and CEO

Hello There! I am Jan Michael Chege‚ the Founder and CEO of Horizon Studios Ltd. Horizon Studios is a global brand that  specialize in developing captivating digital reality experiences in VR/AR (Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality) and handle immersive visual and auditory post production experiences. With presence in Texas‚ USA and Saint Helier in Jersey‚ we  serve a broad range of clients in the entertainment‚ real estate‚ media and technology spaces worldwide with our innovative immersive solutions.

Our talented team blends cutting-edge technology, artistic creativity, and a deep understanding of user experience. We craft immersive digital reality solutions that elevate brands and exceed expectations. From transforming concepts into stunning virtual and augmented reality experiences , we are here to help you to ENTHRALL YOUR AUDIENCE™️


Crafting Experiences That Speaks To The Heart

Remote Hub

We are fully prepared and equipped to work remotely. Our team of talent is experienced in providing exemplary remote-based development services to our valued clients.

Rapid Service

We are dedicated to delivering fast, efficient, and meticulously precise immersive and enthralling experiences and post production to our B2B clients and creators globally.

Cutting Edge

Our global talent network use modern‚ advanced and industry standard technologies and toolset to ensure that we craft immersive and engaging experiences that enthralls.

Welcome to our company, where we pride ourselves on a highly talented global workforce. Our handpicked team members are experts in their fields, ensuring the best working together. What sets us apart is our commitment to valuing freedom and flexibility for our talented pool. By providing autonomy in work style and schedule, we unlock true potential and boost productivity. We actively encourage personal growth and skill development through flexible work arrangements, fostering creativity, innovation, and collaboration for our thriving talents.